Conforms to IS:2993, IEC60252, EN60252

CML: No. 6200192811

Air Conditioning Capacitors Dual Capacitors

Range :25+2 TO 60 +10 MFD

Available in :Dry Type Single as usual as dual capacitors

In HVAC and AC units, the AC capacitor’s purpose is to help power the compressor motor and condenser fan motor that require that extra electricity when starting up. A capacitor gives that extra electricity and then recharges and is ready to provide that boost of electricity when it is needed again. One combined capacitor will serve the dual purpose of powering the compressor motor and condenser fan motor thus saving precious space within the appliance. PAN Electronics offers a comprehensive range of dual capacitors for air conditioners, designed to meet the specific needs of various HVAC systems. These capacitors are highly reliable, efficient, and ensure optimum performance of the AC units


  • Can be applied to 450VAC/ 50- 60HZ AC Power System
  • Long life expectancy
  • Low dissipation factor
  • Low DPPM in field
  • Stable capacitance
  • Low energy consumption
  • MPP Film technology with Self-healing
  • Burst proof design (P2 Over pressure disconnector)


  • Air conditioners
  • Compressors

Detailed Specification

Range: 25+2 TO 60 +10 MFD
Capacitors Tolerance: ±5%
Operating Temperature Range: -25 + 85°C
Rated Frequency: 50-60HZ
Construction: Dry Type Single as usual as dual capacitors
Dielectric: Polypropylene Film
Terminal: Tin Plated Burst proof Terminals
Approvals & Standards: ISI Approved CML: No. 6200192811, TUV - CE Certified
Safety/Operating Class: P2, Burst Proof/ Class B

Mechanical Specifications

Capacitance Mfd Tolerance +/ - % Rated voltage Frequency HZ Operating temperture Dimension DxH
25+4 5 450 50-60 -25 + 85°C 50x104
30+2 5 450 50-60 -25 + 85°C 50x104
36+2/4/6 5 450 50-60 -25 + 85°C 50x104
36+8+/10 5 450 50-60 -25 + 85°C 50x104

*Design & Specifications can be customised to customer requirements.